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We have worked in the high-end furniture manufacturing industry on international projects.

Within these projects, we have often been faced with the dilemma of moving production offshore for pure economic reasons.

But long lead times, exposing our know-how and being dependent on global logistics just didn't pay off for us.

For these reasons...

90% waste

Did you know, that 90% of process time of an offshore supply chain is not productive.

Goods either spend time waiting in storage or being in transit.

On top, these 90% are generating 27% of it's ecological footprint.


Outsourcing your core competences always means exposing your most valuable good - your know-how.

Securing it through contracts is time-consuming and not very effective.

rigid & risky

A single event, like the Ever Given grounding in 2021, brought the entire European economy to a standstill.

Resilient and customer focused businesses cannot be built on a reliance on rigid and unwieldy supply chains.

product manager

There will be a match with a certified service provider within 100km of the product's destination.
That means, your product is manufactured within the operating radius of alternative transport vehicles.
Customized Products
Offer a new generation of products for a new generation of people. Products, that can be customized to the individual needs at no extra costs.
Circular Economy
Local manufacturing is the missing link for circular business models like material recycling, repair and care and others.
Virtual Stocking
Always have the right product for the right market in stock. You are holding your digital twin product in your virtual warehouse and simply stream the data to the manufacturing destination on demand.
Pay per Use
No need to finance your production costs before you even sold a single product. Only pay for the exact costs the manufacturing of the order has generated.


Local Value Creation
Even if you shop your beloved new product online, it will be manufactured local within 100km of your destination and safe up to 90% of regular supply chains. So either collect it yourself or take advantage of alternative transport.
Personal Impact
No need to wait for the others.
Be the starting point for circular businesses at international scale.
Pay per Use
Take full control of the financial impact of your products.
Only pay for the exact amount of material, labour and energy the manufacturing of your order has generated.

service provider

Offer your services to an international client base for a local community within a radius of 100km.
Manufacturing as a Service
Define and develop your own set of services to offer the perfect products for the global client base and stay in direct contact with your local consumer base.
Resilient Network
Be part of a network of service suppliers ranging from additive manufacturing and CNC-operations to robotic and augmented reality.
Pay per Use
Get paid for the exact amount of services you operated, like material, labour and energy.
No need for negotiating prices and offering service for free to get a job.

Let's take advantage of local manufacturing with

We are eliminating the non-productivity of any global supply chain to enable local value creation at industrial cost.

Bringing together the Consumer with the Product Manager and the best Service Provider is all handled by the CCP.
Streaming the correct manufacturing data to right production machine .
Monitoring the distributed manufacturing process and providing relevant information to all stakeholders.

The Cloud Crafting Platform

The Manufacturing as a Service eco-system at global scale.

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